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Valery Henry

I approached MusicContracts.me bесаuѕе I was at a loss as to how to go about drafting a binding contract. As a new musician in the industry I wanted legal assistance without burrowing a hole in my pockets.

MusicContracts.me provided a contract that was ѕіmрlе, professionally prepared, and affordable. The rеѕult ...a very happy customer.

I would rесоmmеnd MusicContracts.me to anyone in nееd of contracts in the entertainment industry.

Patricia Alexander

I am extremely thankful to Musiccontracts.me for creating a professional music contract for my record label at a highly affordable price. The contract laid down my obligations and legal rights without the need for hiring an attorney. They helped me in saving a great deal of my time and effort. I would recommend them to one and all.

Daniel Cline

MusicContracts.me has allowed me to get a straight head on the law. I have been DJ'ing for just over six months, and I've never truly understood how the law and DJ'ing works. My friends have always told me that I don't need to cover myself and protect myself from a legal point of view. Well, after seeing a fellow DJ ending up in court in the local news, I decided it's time to take action and make sure that my contracts were safe. I'm pleased to say that the contracts I've been provided by MusicContracts.me are more than up to scratch. I now use them for every gig and concert that I do, and I feel safe knowing that I'm backed by the law should an issue arise. My honest advice is that everybody should have legally enforceable contracts if you're in the DJ'ing line of work. Don't take the risk!

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I placed my order with MusicContracts.me a week ago and I'm really pleased. I'm 100% satisfied with my order. Really good job here, I'll pass the word onto my friends.

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You've saved me so much money, and I don't have to give my hard earned money to them damn lawyers - thanks!

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A competitively priced and professional service for our music contract needs.